Lack of trust, not feeling connected emotionally, lack of respect, care, affection, unable to spend time together, then this is the time to act.

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Marriage is a sacramental union, an important social institution, wherein two individuals come together to experience life together, post their formal union. In India especially, marriage is not between two individuals, instead, it is a union of two families who also come together and become another union.

A marriage and the relationship between couples can only last if both couples make sincere efforts to make the relationship work. Marriage is not about changing others to suit your way of living, instead, it is all about thinking about another partner as well, in all aspects of life, when together. Relationship survival usually requires a blend of open communication, intimacy, and empathy. When any of these broad characteristics are missing or start to fade, the romantic bond between the couple may weaken.

At times, despite efforts or otherwise, there seems to erupt differences which may lead a marriage and the relationship to become couples becoming sour. Their reasons could be either a few big events or regular small incidences, which take the relationship off track if not addressed appropriately, and promptly. A few primary reasons are lack of commitment, trust, loyalty, no respect, lack of care, and affection toward others, no communication, and not spending time together, unable to prioritize, intimacy, unrealistic expectations, financial problems, domestic violence, conflict around domestic work, lack of family support, religious differences, too much involvement by in-laws and infidelity.

Other Marriage related areas could be:

  • Adjustment related
  • Isolation
  • Pre-marriage
  • With spouse
  • With In-laws

If you think, one or all of the above exists in your marriage and you have not been able to manage by yourself, then please feel free to reach out to us, and our expert and experienced Marriage Counsellors shall assist you in managing your relationship, appropriately.

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