Experiencing strained relationships? Finding it difficult to resolve conflicts? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed due to the demands of a relationship?

Psychologists at Edha are ready to help you navigate through your relationships successfully.

Relationship is the way, two or more people are connected. The way they think, feel, and behave, when together with the other person in isolation or a bigger family, culture, society, or environment. A relationship is between couples, married or unmarried, between two friends of the same gender or opposite, a relationship within a family, like parents with a son or daughter, within family relationships. Other types of relationships can be seen within neighborhoods, Society, Schools, and Colleges, at the workplace, in fact anywhere where we see two or more people being associated with each other, naturally, for a common purpose or mutual benefit, either for life or until completion of the project.

Relationships, because it is between human beings, may not necessarily remain the same, all the time. The thing that hurts the most is, when differences arise in a relationship, due to any reasons. Even when people get along well, stress and daily life can cause conflicts, that seem difficult or impossible to resolve.

Relationship counselling can help people in these challenging situations to work through their problems, move beyond them, and be better partners overall if they are couples.

Relationship counseling, also known as couples counseling focuses on helping people improve their romantic relationships. By working with a Counsellor or Therapist, couples can explore issues in their relationship, work on their communication, improve interactions, and resolve conflicts. For relationship counseling near me or marriage counseling near me, please connect with our Experts.

When do I go for Couple Relationship Counselling?

Couple Relationship Counselling should begin as soon as you experience problems coming your way in your daily life.

A few symptoms and signs, in your relationship could be :

  • Too often, you land up getting into altercations
  • You have one or more unsolvable disagreement
  • When you think your partner is not paying adequate attention to your point of views
  • You have trouble expressing your feelings to your spouse
  • There is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions
  • A single stressful event or multiple of them have shaken your daily life
  • You no longer can make decisions, together
  • When you experience infidelity, addiction, or abuse
  • When you see that the relationship has not remained the same, despite efforts

Other Relationship areas could be :

  •  Breakup in Relationship
  • Cheating and Infidelity
  • Couple Issues
  • Dating related
  • Emotional abuse
  • Friendship related
  • Family Issues
  • Intimacy
  • Isolation
  • Toxic relationship

A Counsellor assists you in coming out of or how to manage any of the above in your relationship.  Please feel free to get in touch with our Counsellors for any of your relationship concerns.

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