Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is always good to know the Terms and conditions before you use any service. In case you come across any point which you are not comfortable with, then we recommend, you should not go for seeking support from us.  Alternatively, you may seek clarification and then decide, accordingly.  

Your information rests in our database only and is not used for any purpose other than to serve you in your first session or for future sessions.  

We attend to only those Clients who seek services which are mentioned on our portal. In case a service is not mentioned out there, then those situations, we do not handle.

Further, people requiring immediate medical assistance, as stated as disclaimer in the footer of our web-site or under Disclaimer in our Terms and conditions are those situations we do not attend to. We suggest, you please read through that in detail.

We request you to please go through the exhaustive list of our services, which is available in our drop down on Home page under the respective Tabs of Counselling, Coaching or other offerings.

It would be unfortunate for us to hear that from you, as all our experts are experienced and competent enough to be able to work with their Clients, most appropriately.  However, in case of any such situation arising, we suggest you to kindly drop in a detailed mail to us at within a week of your session, for us to be able to look into the matter, urgently. A delayed response from you might not be appropriate, due obvious reasons.  

For refund, we deal with our Clients individually. To proceed with refund, you will have to drop in a mail to us at and our Team shall look into it and revert to you within 05 business days. Subsequently, the Team will look into your request. We suggest you please go through our cancellation and refund policy available on our portal.

Yes, if you think it is not possible for you to proceed with your booked session then you may cancel the same.  We will have your paid amount with us and would allow you 06 months of time to re-book your session with the same amount with the expert who has the same fees, just in case you wish to speak with someone else.  

Yes, you can conveniently reschedule your booked session basis availability of your expert. However, we do not encourage you to reschedule your booked sessions multiple times, as availability of your expert may not be the same, whenever you desire. Further, you would not be able to change your expert once you have made a booking with one of them.

This is best decided by your expert, Counsellor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Coach or Instructor for other services during or post first session and discussion.

Number of sessions may vary from person to person, basis their areas of concern for counselling or coaching or for any other services available on our platform. It varies due purpose of session, how severe is the condition or concern, what has been the tenure of the present state and the response and participation by our Client on their way to recovery or meeting up their goal.

Our services are such, that irrespective of the mode of discussion, online mode is effective. Indeed, a face to face session is slightly better, as compared to discussion using an online mode.

Yes, we conduct sessions for an individual who is above 18 years of age. In case someone is a minor, then we suggest the person’s parent to be in agreement for session and discussion.

Yes, please be rest assured, as our payment gateway is very secure as it is through one of the renowned Bank.   

You can use any of the online payment methods as mentioned at the time of making payment. You can pay using Credit card, Debit card, UPI or net banking.

Charges vary from a registered expert to another as these are decided by them, individually. Charges may vary basis their academic qualification, years of experience, expertise areas and their service offering.

Yes, all our sessions are paid. Standalone sessions do not offer any discount, however, if you choose to go for multiple sessions and pay for it, then we offer good discount to you.  At times, we may come up with various promotional offers, which you may avail. These offers will be valid for certain time duration only.

Yes, please be rest assured, this information stays in our system only. True name and other information are important so that our experts address you appropriately and this helps build a good connect.

We require basic details from you, which includes type of service, in the langue you desire, your place of stay, so that we connect you with the most relevant expert with you.  Once you are ready to proceed with a session, then a few details are sought like, your name, e-mail id, mobile number and a few more details so that an account is also created for you to be able to access our portal with ease, for future sessions. This avoids keying in information again and again when you visit our portal for future sessions.

No, our sessions are not recorded at all, irrespective. There is no need for the recording to happen, as these are personal and confidential sessions and there is no need to record these sessions at all, for future use.  While having a session with your expert, if you wish, you may use a pen and a paper to note down any important or pertinent suggestion or point so that you do not forget.

Our sessions are of 30 minutes and 60 minutes duration. You may choose any one of these timings for your session, as per your availability and convenience.

Yes, of course.  You can access website from your mobile phone as well, other than Desktop, Laptop or Tablet, per your convenience.  Just make sure that you have good data (internet connectivity) during the entire session time.

Be it Counselling, Coaching or any other Self Help, our services are presently available on-line. This means, you will be able to seek sessions using online mode, be it through a video call or audio call from this portal.

Please click on the “Get Started” button from Home page of the web-site/platform and follow the steps and proceed with the kind of service you wish to seek.  In case you are not sure, which service to proceed with, then please call us up at the number mentioned on our website and the Team shall facilitate you with your concern.  You may also drop in a mail to us and the Team shall revert to you, at an earliest.

edha is an initiative, to facilitate emotional and psychological well-being through its platform.  Aim is to offer comprehensive online counselling, coaching, relaxation techniques, self-help and therapies.  This is done through one-on-one sessions with Clients, either through video Call or audio call through the platform.  In future, you can also get to experience offline sessions.  We also conduct various other programs and workshops for Organizations, Institutions, groups.

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