Policy : Payments, Cancellation & Refund

Fees & Payment Information

At Edha, our broad services and offerings include Counselling, Coaching, and other Self-help service offerings. Under these, one may find various services that can be availed by Individuals as per the Terms of Conditions and other policies available on the portal.


The fee that you see against each Practitioner or expert on the portal may vary from one expert to another and from time to time, due to various factors. The fee per session is calculated as per the chosen expert and is exclusive of other taxes and/or applicable charges. This means, that there would be an additional charge of coordination fees levied on it, per session. Before making any online payment, you get to see the final fee components, which you will have to pay using any available payment method of your choice. Only if you agree to proceed, you should proceed and make an online payment. Please note, that no payment is to be made to any Individual Expert/Practitioner other than the online payment through the portal only, irrespective.

  • The user/Client is supposed to make full payment before the session with an expert or Practitioner; only then the system allow you to proceed and your session is considered booked
  • Package sessions are of discounted prices and again vary due to multiple factors.   Package sessions are of multiple fixed denominations, which you may choose basis your understanding with your Expert.   You are requested to choose carefully the number of sessions you wish to go for, with the Expert.   In case of any incorrect choice made and fees paid, we shall not be obliged to return the fees paid.
  • The mode of payment for all our sessions is online only and you are supposed to make the payment through the portal only and no other way. No other ways of payment like making payment directly to any Practitioner or Expert are valid and you are not supposed to do so.   Edha should not be held accountable for such payments if made to individuals, other than this portal (www.edha.life)
  • There are multiple modes of online payment and you can choose any payment method basis your convenience.
  • There are no promotions or discounts other than what is available and reflected on the portal from time to time.   To avail of those, you are requested to check our portal only and avail.
  • Promotional offer: At times, the Company may run offers as discounts through the use of Promo Codes (promotional codes) which may be offered to you for use, on your session and within the stipulated period.   A promo code has an expiry date, which shall be intimated which promo codes, when are issued to you.
  • Groups or Organization: Fees depend upon the selected service and the Practitioner or Expert engaged for the same.   This may not happen through the portal and would be a Bank transfer for which the Organization/Group shall be provided with the Bank details in advance.  
  • Fees may change on our website/portal or related platform without any prior notice to any individual or group, so please be sure to re-check before you apply for any session from any Practitioner or Expert, every time you wish to avail services.
  • In case you have booked a session with an Expert and the fee structure changes post-booking of a session then the same does not apply to you, as you have already booked the session, even if not availed.  


Counselling, Coaching Other Services

Fee Structure

  • Individuals: Your fees depend upon the service or session fees as stated on the website at the time of booking the session. This may vary from one Expert to another and from one service to another.   Therefore, you are requested to check it before you proceed to book a session.
  • Groups or Organizations: Fees again depend upon the selected service and the Practitioner and Coach. This is done based on the type of service required and the basis of other multiple factors.
  • Fees may change on the website or related platform of ours without any prior notice to any individual or group, so please be sure to re-check before you book any session with any of our experts/Practitioners or coaches.


  • Client/Users to make applicable payments before availing of services offered by Edha.
  • Client/User booking for their respective session/s is not deemed or confirmed until payment in full is received by Edha for the service desired.
  • The validity of your payment is for 06 Months (180 days) from the date of making payment. Post this period the payment stands expired and cannot be availed for rescheduling or booking a session or for any refund of any kind and reason. Day 1 is the date when payment was made.
  • In the event you are accessing our services through any third party or your organization, still, you would only be able to receive our services only post edha, registered as Idalia Mental Health LLP has received payment either from you or from the Group or Organization who has asked you to avail services from us. Please do ensure this is clarified, and cross-checked, and only upon payment being received by us, you shall be able to receive our service/s.  
  • When you book a package for session/s with an Expert of your choice, the package is applicable with the fees for that Expert only and any further sessions within it, in full or partial and it cannot be used for any other expert on the portal. You may reschedule any session with that Expert only, basis mutual availability.   You cannot request a change of Expert, irrespective.   Edha will not reimburse your paid amount if you wish to discontinue with the chosen expert.
Cancellation, Reschedule and Refund

Rescheduling a booked session:  edha does honor rescheduling of your booked session for which payment has been made. However, multiple rescheduling is highly discouraged due to various obvious reasons.


Once a session is booked, you have the right to reschedule on the same basis your and mutual availability of your Expert or Coach.   This is between you and the service provider (Expert or Coach), solely.   edha does not have any role to influence Expert/Practitioner or Coach to meet your requests, whatsoever.


Rescheduling is only permitted for the chosen Expert only and your Expert cannot be changed once payment is done for the Expert, even when other expert also has the same fees structure and are available.   Therefore, be sure with the Expert and then book a session and make payment.


Reschedule structure :

Rescheduling request initiated atleast 04 Hours prior to the scheduled session date and time :

No additional charges for rescheduling of session. You would only be able to reschedule if the Expert is available as per your preference.


Rescheduling request initiated within 04 Hrs prior to the session start time or once the session has started or post session time is over :


You will have to book the session again, as a fresh session, with payments as applicable to the Expert, Practitioner, or Coach. There shall not be any refund possible for this request.  


Session Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation by the User

    1. a) Cancellation request initiated at least 24 Hours before the scheduled session time : You get a full refund. A full refund means, only the Expert fees and this does not include coordination fees and/or any promotional offer if applied.

However, before cancelling you may exercise below options as well.

      • - You may think of rescheduling a session, instead of cancelling it.
      • - If you require any assistance then you may call us up and speak with our Team for clarification or assistance in a timely manner.


    1. Cancellation request initiated within 24 Hours of the booked session time : No refund
Refund Processing :


You will have to write to Edha from your registered email ID only to booking@edha.life to request for cancellation of a booked session. Cancellation request date and time to be considered from the date and time this mail communication was received from the Client from their registered e-mail ID. Refund shall be made back to your original method of payment or as requested and is in line with the Policy of the Company. Please note, that a refund cannot and shall not be entertained to any other person’s account, whatsoever, other than you. In case you are unable to provide your Account details then the same cannot be entertained. Refund takes 14 Business days to process. Refund is only done for the fees paid and not any other component/s of the total payment made. We do not refund the coordination fees, the promotional discount, and/or any other applied component/s.  


Rescheduling, Cancellation by the Experts or Coaches
Rescheduling: A booked session can be rescheduled by an Expert or a Coach as well, due to their unavailability, promptly, with mutual availability.  


Cancellation; : In case the session is cancelled by an Edha practitioner or Coach, the user will receive a session credit on their account on the Edha platform, irrespective of the time of cancellation.  

This session credit stays with you for 06 Months. 06 months are calculated from the date you made this payment.   Day 1 is the date of payment.   With this credit, you may be able to :

  • Book a session with the same expert or any other Coach within the validity period. This can be done by the user, by self. In case you find any difficulty, then you may write to us at booking@edha.life and we shall facilitate the same.
  • You may also claim a refund of your credits within the validity period.

Claiming a refund is done by writing to us at booking@edha.life within the validity period.  


Package session


Rescheduling by User   : The same policy is applicable for rescheduling for any of the upcoming booked sessions. You can reschedule any of the booked sessions as shared above.


When you book a package for sessions with an Expert of your choice, the package is applicable with the fees for that Expert only and any further sessions within it, in full or partial cannot be used for any other expert on the portal. You may reschedule any session with that Expert only, basis mutual availability.


Cancellation  : Cancellation when you have taken a Package and paid for it in full. The refund will apply to the unutilized balance of the entire package. The per session fees of the balance number of sessions will only be refunded and not the coordination fees, promo codes, or any taxes. This shall be done as per the above policy about the timeline and on a case-to-case basis. The User does not get a refund for the sessions already completed.  


Example  : If a User/Client has opted for a package of 4 sessions from an expert, whose one session fee is Rs 1000.   For 4 sessions, after the discount, Expert fees come out to be Rs 3600 (without coordination fees and/or promo code or taxes).   The Client has already completed 2 sessions and based on the time of request etc, the Company has to refund the Client, then the calculation happens as below.   One session fee = Rs 1000, 4 session fees = Rs 3600 (due package discount).


The total refund to be made is Rs 3600 but 2 sessions are already done means (Rs 1000 x 2 = Rs 2000 already utilized).   No discounted fees are calculated in case of such cancellations.   Thus the Client receives a refund of Rs 3600 – Rs 2000 = Rs 1600 only.   Coordination fees, Promo codes, and other Taxes are not applicable here.   If any promo code has been used here, then that too is considered utilized in full and no refund shall be made for the same.


Please note that the above example is just an idea and representation.   Actual refund may vary basis other factors too, at the time of refund.  


Other scenarios


Service/s of Edha is being offered through a platform/website and may be due to any unforeseeable reason the User/Client is unable to complete a pre-booked session in its entirety with an Expert,   the Client/User is requested to inform Edha Office at an earliest by calling us up at +91-8368-623-753 or through a mail at booking@edha .life promptly.


In such a scenario, requests for rescheduling or refund will be handled on a case-to-case basis.  


Note : In case, you face any difficulty and may have questions with regards to rescheduling or cancellation, then you may please write to us at booking@edha.life and one of the Team Members shall get back to you to assist you.


Further, Edha shall not be responsible for any fraudulent transaction/decline/lack of authorization that may arise due to the use of Internet Banking/ Debit/Credit Cards (“Virtual Payment Mode”).


Edha deserves its right to change the charges for any of the services, at any time, without the requirement of any prior intimation to the User. Any such change shall be binding and effective on the User and is to be factored in as applicable above.



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